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The Accelerator Programme

In this programme you will...

1 x small group personal training sessions every week =  £70 a month

2 x small group personal training sessions every week =  £130 a month

3 x small group personal traini
ng sessions every week =  £182 a month

 The programme includes

Here are some comments from others on the programme...

I was reluctant at the start of the programme as I was afraid everyone would be so much slimmer and fitter than me. After the first sessions (although I was in pain) I wondered why I hadn't joined earlier. Kristy is so encouraging and has a great way of making me work harder. All the other members of the group are great and I actually look forward to the sessions. I am feeling fitter and really noticing the results in my clothes.


I feel the Accelerator Programme has helped me so much and has given my confidence a boost. The sessions are really fun whilst still challenging which is great. I feel a lot fitter, healthier and find I have a lot more energy since starting the programme.


When I first met Kristy I was confident that she was able to help me reach my goals. The programme has really changed my outlook on food and exercise. I am no longer skipping meals (and then making up for it by eating more later!) And I'm not craving sugary foods anymore. I have much more energy and actually look forward to the classes (even the 7am ones!). Kristy really pushes you in the class but not so much that you feel you can't continue. I can feel in just over two weeks that my strength and fitness levels have significantly improved and I have made lifestyle changes that I know I can continue with. I really enjoy setting small goals each week - they really keep you on track but because they are achievable and short-term you don't feel overwhelmed. I can't believe how many changes I have made in such a short space of time!

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