Kristy Ellis Personal Trainer Nottingham - Weight Loss

Meet the Team

Kristy Ellis Personal Training is about helping more people to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

Kristy Ellis is the founder of Kristy Ellis Personal Training and now has a fantastic team of 5 female personal trainers...

Natalie Byrne who is the manager, Gemma Spackman, Tiff Millband, Hetti Fox and Kelly Shanahan

The Team

We love helping people to change their lives. Helping them to have more confidence, more energy, feel more positive makes us feel great. We are thrilled with the results we are seeing and the amazing feedback we receive and this only wants us to help more people feel healthier and fitter, and as a result happier.


Kristy is the owner and founder of Kristy Ellis Personal Training and has 8 years experience in the fitness industry. Before becoming a personal trainer, Kristy completed a degree in Sport and Exercise Science atThe University of Birmingham. Kristy started off working at The Gym Group in Nottingham before setting up her own private personal training studio in The Park Estate.

Kristy has now moved to Chelmsford to set up her second studio, but she has left a fantastic team of trainers in Nottingham!

Kristy specialises in helping people to lose weight and lead an active and healthy lifestyle. She says 'when our clients lose weight, they also gain in confidence, gain more energy and feel fitter, healthier and happier'. Kristy feels very passionate about helping people to become fitter and healthier. It is such a rewarding job to see how much we can change someones life.


Natalie joined Kristy Ellis Personal training in October 2015 after qualifying as a personal trainer. In February 2016 Natalie became the manager of the Nottingham studio. Natalie holds fitness industry certification in Gym based boxing , sports nutrition & studio cycling.

From childhood through to adulthood, Natalie has had a lifetimes passion for exercise, from team sports, to running at half marathon level, to rowing, skiing and playing golf......anything goes!

She understands the barriers to exercise, having experienced sporting injuries and also being a mother of 3. With a deep passion and commitment , she wants to help you use exercise to transform your life, and make you stronger, mentally and physically.


Gemma qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2012 after working within sports and fitness for over 10 years. Gemma completed a BSc (hons) degree in Sports Development with Coaching at Sheffield Hallam University.

She is a keen in take part in sports and adventurous activities and enjoys working with people who want to lose weight get fitter and stronger. Gemma's sessions are always challenging and motivating and helps her clients stay committed to achieving their goals.


Tiffany has been a qualified Personal Trainer since 2012, and has also completed a National Diploma in Sports Science at Loughborough College. Tiffany believes fitness should be enjoyable, varied and challenging, and strives to create programmes that clients enjoy, and that push clients to reach their goals. Tiffany specialises in weight loss and helping clients make better lifestyle choices to maintain a healthy, active and happy life.

Tiffany’s main hobby is horse riding, and has had a passion for horses since the age of 3. This has also created an area of expertise for Tiffany, combining both fitness and riding and therefore offering programmes specific to improving horse rider fitness and performance.


Hetti has been working in the fitness industry for just over twoyears, her enthusiasm began after she'd achieved her own personal weight loss goals and overcome an eating disorder.

Hetti believes with the correct tools and mindset anything is possible.

Hetti's passion for health and fitness has now expanded in to weightlifting and boxing two things she gets very excited about and hopes to compete sometime in the future.

Hetti feels very driven in helping clients to reach their goals and to make sure it's fun and a style to suit you.

Hetti has a level 2 certification for studio cycling, aqua aerobics, training with adolescents, level 3 nutrition and a qualified fundamental boxing coach certification.


Kelly has been in the fitness industry for 12 years. Specializing in interval/ hiit training. Kelly has alot of passion helping people gain confidence and reaching there goals. 'I love my job, helping people get fit, healthy and confident makes me happy!

Having two small children myself with a busy lifestyle I know just how hard it is to find time for yourself. I gain weight very easily so I no the battle is real! Training myself and good nutrition is very important to me. I have tried every diet there is out there. Fad diets just don't work! As long as we are exercising, keeping strong and healthy and being confident in ourselves then we are on our way