Kristy Ellis Personal Trainer Nottingham - Weight Loss

Bronze Programme

Does this sound like you?

Do you feel you need some help, advise and guidance?

Do you need to learn the correct exercises and techniques to help you to achieve your goals?

This package is right for you are comfortable exercising independently but you would like some extra motivation, guidance and advice. You have a few pounds to shift and you feel you want to tone up and become fitter. You are motivated to do exercise by yourself but you are never sure what to do and you feel like you aren’t seeing any results by yourself. You struggle to know what to eat and you feel that you need some nutrition advice and support to keep you on track. You know that having someone there will keep you motivated and accountable to get you the results you want. 


Mo Major says...

I have been a member of almost every gym in Nottingham, but never achieved a 100th of what I have achieved in the last three months working with Kristy. I had no idea that I was ever going to look forward to exercise, but I have been amazed and delighted about the results that I have achieved. My recovery rate, breathing, posture and positivity about life in general has massively improved. Every day I now receive positive comments about how well I look. In three months I have dropped a whole dress size and I am well on my way to dropping another. 

The Bronze programme includes...