Kristy Ellis Personal Trainer Nottingham - Weight Loss

Gold Programme

Do this sound like you?

Do you have a lot of weight to use or are you determined to get results as quickly as possible?

Do you want to fit into your clothes again and feel confident when you go out?

This is the right package for you if have a lot of weight to lose or you are determined to get results as quickly as possible. You struggle with motivating yourself but you know that with some help you can do it. You have never enjoyed exercise and never been able to stick with a regime. You have tried many diets and they haven’t worked for you. You want to feel fitter, healthier and have more energy doing everyday tasks. You don’t have any confidence and you hide your body with your clothes and you just wish to fit into your clothes again. You do not want to see any more pounds creeping on or that number on the scale increasing. You know you need to do something about it NOW but you are too worried that you won’t be able to cope and you keep putting it off. You need some help, support and motivation to keep you on track – you need food plans to follow, goals to be set and someone helping you every step of the way so you don’t feel alone.


Shaifur says...

After joining the gym and getting nowhere fast on my own I decided to invest in personal training. I wanted someone friendly and who wouldn’t intimidate me. Most importantly someone who could motivate me. Kristy’s profile seemed ideal for the goals I wanted to achieve.

Having spent the majority of my life fairly overweight I really wanted this to be a new chapter. My initial goals were to both lose weight and tone up. Kristy’s enthusiastic approach was very motivating – constantly pushing and encouraging me to go that little bit further.

After just two weeks I felt lighter, stronger and just “good” about myself - I had also lost all the weight from my face and my waist had reduced in size. After a month I could really see serious fat reduction around my whole body and seeing these results only motivated me further.

By my third weigh in; I had lost over three stones - 3 stone in 3 months! I definitely surpassed my own weight loss goals. I’ve lost so much weight I’ve had to buy a new wardrobe and my confidence and drive has not only been successful in the gym but has projected onto other aspects of my life. I am more focused and confident in everything I do.

My drive and enthusiasm for the gym was and still is fuelled by Kristy’s continuous positivity and encouragement. As a client I could not recommend her anymore. Thanks to Kristy, I really have made a positive change in my life, one which I hope to sustain for a long time.