Kristy Ellis Personal Trainer Nottingham - Weight Loss

Silver Programme

Do these relate to you?

Are you determined to make a change and adopt a healthy lifestyle?

Do you want to feel fitter and healthier?

Do you want to fit into your clothes again?

This is the right package for you if you are determined to make a lifestyle change and achieve amazing weight loss results. You would like to feel fitter and healthier but you don’t have the motivation by yourself. Your goal is to lose weight, tone up and feel confident about your body. You feel you hide your body with your clothes and you would love to fit into your clothes again as weight has crept on over the last few years. You might not like exercise or have hated gyms in the past but you know you would like to add exercise into your lifestyle to feel all the benefits – more energy, more confidence, better sleep and helps control stress levels. You know you need some help and you have taken a while to find it. You need someone to help motivate you, to give you food plans, to set you goals and to help you through your journey to lose weight and gain a healthy lifestyle.


Claire Meese says...

I joined a gym hoping I would magically come up with some personal motivation to get fit. I hadn't been happy with the pounds piling on for a while, but I wasn't doing too well on my own. Thankfully at the time Kristy worked at that gym, and I decided to try her out to see if it would make a difference. Almost 3 years down the line and I'm a completely different person! I'm happy and healthy. I'm not tired all the time. I have completely revamped my diet, and enjoying the new food (and new abilities in the kitchen!). And something I didn't think I would ever ever say: I love exercise! I love the how it makes me feel afterwards, I love reaching my goals, and I love being fit. None of this would've been possible without Kristy. Her constant advise, guidance and encouragement has been invaluable. Not only do I see her regularly, but I work myself hard at home too, not because I feel I should, or that I have to, but because I want to. Kristy changed my entire outlook on health and fitness, and I can't recommend her enough for that.